hollywood infected your brain *_*

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I’m gonna tell you my story.

I’m living in a town near Hamburg in Northern Germany.
I moved here in 2005 with my Mama (♥) and my creepy lovely sister Clara.
We moved in April, and in May I celebrated my ninth birthday.
Before we moved here, we lived in a cute little town named Bad Nauheim
near Frankfurt, Germany, and we were lucky there. When my mother told me we were going to move, I started crying, and I cried for a long, long time. I thought this would be the end.

Clara and me, we had lots of friends in Bad Nauheim. We lived with Mama, Dad and our half-sister Sabrina who is ten years older than me, in a house we built on our own. There were lots of other children in the neighborhood, and they all were our friends. We celebrated barbecue parties in the Summer and we built igloos in the Winter. We laughed a lot. We were absolutely happy.

When we moved to Northern Germany, Clara was in first grade in school, and I was in fourth. She soon made many friends in her class, but I just had one best friend. Her name was Nina and she was two years older than me. I was eight and in fourth grade, and all the children were older than me. I had skipped the first grade and because of that, I’m always the youngest in class, one or two years younger than the other children. In Bad Nauheim, this wasn’t a problem; I knew all the children from kindergarten and we were friends. But in Northern Germany, things were different. Children skipping the first grade were kind of abnormal. I was a freak.

When my parents separated, my world collapsed. I went to Highschool soon. My best friend Nina went to another school and made new friends while I stayed alone in OD Highschool.

But I started to made a decision.

I wanted to be famous, successful, great.
I wanted everybody to know my name.
I wanted to go to Hollywood, be a legend.
I wanted to be like the people in the glossy magazines, the people on Perez Hilton.

I wanted to be a star.

I still want to be a star. I still want all those things, being famous and successful. I’m sort of perfectionist. I’mma get it.

Dreams can come true. And I want my dream to come true.

xoxo Katy


comparations – part #1

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Have a look at this.

This is teen star Miley Cyrus in 2006. Then take a look at this one.

This one’s from Miley’s Hannah Montana movie which was set in early 2008. Now, look at this picture.

It’s Miley in 2008, too, but this one was shot in November. Next, this one.

Another Miley pic. It’s the „Time Of Our Lives“ cover. And last, but not least, this pic.

The last one is Miley on stage, and this photo was taken in this year, in 2010.
Miley’s been criticized very hard for pics like this one. Slob-blogger Perez Hilton called her a „Disney slut“ and stuff like that and people all over America blamed her for her provocative way of growing up.

But is it really wrong to grow up? I don’t think so. Some people say they miss  the „old Miley“. The „old Miley“, that’s Miley on pic #1 and pic #2. A fourteen-year-old girl from Nashville, Tennessee wearing a blonde wig while singing songs like „Nobody’s perfect“ or „True friend“, fluffy pink bubblegum-songs created to entertain six to eleven year old children.

Is it possible that people compare the 14-year-old country girl Miley with the almost-18-year-old expectant woman???

Part #2 tomorrow.
xoxo Katy

icq & friends…

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Hey ev’rybody :)
I just returned from school and the first thing I did was switching on my computer and seeing my icq account… this isn’t healthy, is it?

Summer holidays came and gone and in fact I spent all the time here in this 15,000-residents-town, … and about 60% of the population are pensioners, I think this is the most boring place in the world.

I had absolutely nothing to do and then there was that creepy twelve year old girl who says she is my sister my 12-year-old sister Clara wanting me to play with her… and I’m used to ignore her if possible :/

So I spent most time on the computer and now I’m really addicted to it now. When I come home at lunchtime, I turn on the computer and get logged in at icq. I don’t drink anything, I don’t eat anything, I don’t say Hello to my sister… I don’t do anything else all the day… so, in fact, that isn’t healthy.
I’m going to change it.

But I asked myself…
Why do we allow the Internet to play such a big role in our lives?

Ew, I don’t know the answer. Do you?
xoxo Katy

Hi and Welcome :)

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Hi and Welcome everybody :)
This, in fact, is my first blog and I’m not really good at such things,
so please don’t be that mean in your comments *_*
My English isn’t that good, too. I’m from Germany and I’m learning English for almost eight years now, but I doubt that’s enough to speak it perfect.

My name is Katharina – Katy for short – and I’m fourteen years old. I write this blog to improve my English a bit. It is KatyUSA because I am dreaming for years of an exchange year in the United States, and maybe next year this dream will come true.

I think, this is enough information now :)

Auf Wiedersehen (that’s Goodbye in German)
xoxo Katy